Thank you to all my customers who regularly send me pictures of our installed products

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An enamel plate placed on a motorcycle, here is an original and successful diversion !!

A few arrows to show you the right direction

one side of Chevrolet bel air 57 with elvis Presley  for this customer from algiers.

And this same customer already had a life-size statue of Charlot and the neon texaco

and an Esso enamel sheet on an old petrol pump.

Fan of HD?

and another C3P0 that takes place in a rest room in a Parisian office.


Stamped shell plate for finishing an old fuel pump

Star Wars fans!!

Some large round and stamped sheets of 60cm in diameter ....

Replica fuel pump

some enamel plates of 30cm in diameter

Fink figurinerat and some small enamel plates to make the background of this diorama!

Some plates of 60cm in diameter in this stair climb.


Nice little figurine of Elvis in this pickup.

elvis presley de retroviseur

Some enamel plates of 30cm in diameter for the following 4 photos .....