With Alma we offer you the possibility to spread your payment by paying in several installments.

It's simple, secure and free of charge! if you don't know Alma, go to https://getalma.eu/customers 

Choose Alma when paying. You can pay in 3X or 4X

Simply enter your bank details as in a regular payment.

The validation of your order is instantaneous.

You will then receive an email with the payment schedule and a reminder 3 days before each due date

Eligibility requirements:

This type of payment is available for all orders between 100 and 2000 euros

The cards accepted are cards issued in France visa, mastercard and amex

Prepaid, virtual and systematic-authorized cards are not accepted.

Any questions?

If you have a problem with your order paid in installments with Alma,

You can go to the Alma Customer FAQ page  by clicking on https://support.getalma.eu/hc/fr

or email Alma customer support to [email protected]