kustom culture in general

The Kustom Kulture was born in the United States 
in the 1940s when young people of the time
embellished their cars, mainly old fords from the
1930s to improve their power, reduce their weight
or increase their performance, hence the resulting
name HOT ROD In the years that followed, artists such as von dutch
, or customizers such as ed roth, george barris,
boyd coddingtom and many others helped to spread
this movement in current culture. Despite a slump following the oil shock of 1977,
the Kustom Kulture has come back in force since
the 2000s, many people who are fans of the
"do it yourself" are bringing hot rods up to
date but also rat rods, custom, leadsled or
custom motorcycle, choppers. Brands like lucky13, Dirt Devil, Von Dutch,
Rumble 59 are fans of Kustom Kulture. Pin-ups have also come back into fashion with
a good number of women dressed as they were at
the time, but the men are not left out with
beautiful beards that bloom everywhere. the tattoo has also democratized this trend,
with many old school tattoos.